"Jeffrey Halford delivers a uniquely American melting pot of roots, blues, rock and kick-ass pop. Take some Southern soul, add a heap of Texas storytelling, a dash of Bay area's free-wheelin' spirit /liberal spirit/literary leanings/seedier side, then throw in some desert sunshine and dirt,  stir with an architect's eye for detail and durability and you got yourself an idea of why Paste magazine once named him to their Ten Most Influential Artists of The Decade. Halford, with the Healers, makes some of the best records today — 
a beautiful and dark journey through America — like a great vinyl record."

When Bill Wyman, formerly of the Rolling Stones asked Jeffrey Halford to do one of his songs (Mississippi Flyer) 
He replied: “It would be an honor”. “Bill is an extraordinary artist” says Jeffrey. "I was reviewed in Rolling Stone a while back and now to have a real Rolling Stone ask me to do one of his songs... life is good." 
Listening to the song is like taking a trip from California to the Mississippi Delta and 
winding up in cheap motel in Muscle Shoals where the building later catches fire and burns down.
Mississippi Flyer has almost 50K streams on music platforms.
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